1. Jobs

As your Congressman, I will work diligently to provide opportunities and incentives to corporations and small businesses which will bring essential jobs to the Sixth District. As a former small business entrepreneur myself, I know firsthand how government intervention can stifle competition and growth. With your support, we can transform the Sixth District of South Carolina into an ideal location for growing businesses and put people to work.


2. Education

Education and training of our youth is the foundation of a successful and sustainable community. We need to bring back technical skill training at an early age so that our children graduate with skills they can use to become a productive member of society. Every young person is different and possesses a unique skill set. It is our responsibility to provide an environment where these skill sets can be identified and encouraged. The belief that we can make a common education standard for our children and expect success is a plan that is doomed to fail.


3. Economy

The United States at one time was the leading world producer of goods and services. As the Federal Government grew in size and strength, overregulation and excessive taxation discouraged growth, job production, and competition. Corporations and small businesses are the foundation of our economy. We have lost too many jobs and business ventures to overseas competition. Recently, South Carolina has been a leader in supporting free enterprise and providing an environment conducive to business growth. As your Congressman, I will continue to support and sponsor measures to insure that the Sixth District becomes and remains an ideal location for businesses to develop and prosper.


4. Taxes

Taxes are essential to a functioning government. However, a government reaches a point when it is too big for its own good, and the tax system becomes too complicated. Reduce taxes and you reduce government. Why are we paying taxes to purchase food? Why are we paying taxes to own property? Why are we paying taxes to die?  As your Congressman, I will work to simplify the tax system on individuals, eliminate the burden of state property taxes, and fight to eliminate the federal death tax. Additionally, I will work to ease the tax burden on individuals and businesses engaging in the risk of free enterprise. We have to eliminate the taxes that do nothing but feed the government and hinder growth. We should not be taxed to live.


5. International Trade

South Carolina has the potential to become and remain a leading power in the global trade market due to the significance of the Charleston Harbor Port. We need to embrace and support South Carolina’s port system in order to invite more international trade and business. As your Congressman, I will do everything in my power to make sure our port system is expanded and utilized to put South Carolina in the minds of every international business.


 6. Energy

There is no reason for the United States to be dependent on foreign nations for our energy. We must focus on becoming energy independent and energy efficient. Nuclear energy, natural gas, oil and coal, and alternative measures such as solar power and hydro-power all have their place in South Carolina and the Sixth District. Our focus should not be on eliminating any type of energy, but on becoming efficient and independent with the resources available to us right here at home. As your Congressman, I will sponsor and support legislation to promote efficient energy use and energy independence in such a manner that we will never be reliant on a foreign nation again.


7. Gun Control

I am a strict supporter and defender of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution. Currently, several members of Congress are fighting to disarm citizens and deny them their Constitutional rights to protect themselves and their families. As your Congressman, I will protect your rights to protect yourself and your family from any threat. The Second Amendment is not just a permit to hunt; it is a right. I will stand up for the rights of the citizens of the Sixth District with every fiber of my being.